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Transparent Touch Monitor (1-1)

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Transparent Touch Monitor (1-1) / HSI-TM260 (26")
Model No : HSI-TM260 (26")



  • Put actual products you want to advertize such as wine or perfume, cosmetics in the case and from outside, consumer see the product in the case through transparent LCD monitor. It is an atdvertizing and promoting Smart show case through which both actual product and advertizement contents related to actual product can be seen at the same time by displaying the contents indicating the material, features and use of the product on transparent screen. 
    Also. by installing touch screen on monitor, you can be searching freely advertizement contents  as you touch advertizement contents with hand.                                                  



Android 4.2


RGB / HDMI / USB / Sound in


26 inch LG panel

Touch screen

Infrared touch screen